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Robert.Harley @ inria.fr
Mobile: 06 7271 2496 (replace 06 with + 33 6 from abroad).
27th of November 1970 in Dublin.
English is my first language; I speak French almost fluently.

I went to school in Portmarnock (County Dublin, Ireland) then in Paris and Sèvres. In 1988 I got a Baccalauréat with an emphasis on mathematics and physics and with the International option (extra English and history). I also won an "accessit" for physics in an annual contest called the "Concours Général".

[Edinburgh] I spent 3 and a half years at the University of Edinburgh where I took courses on algorithms and data structures, semantics, complexity and computability, concurrent systems, linear algebra, elementary number theory, topology et cetera. I did a project and wrote a mini-thesis about interval arithmetic in ML under the supervision of Dr. Don Sannella. In 1992 I got a First Class Joint Honours BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics.
After that I joined a programme called "un semestre d'études à l'École Polytechnique", in other words "a semester of study at the École Polytechnique" and chose the CS option. I took classes with the "promotion" X89 and studied lecture notes by J.-M. Deshouillers and François Morain about analytic and algorithmic number theory respectively. I got a "certificat d'auditeur avec la mention honorable" (1992). [Polytechnique]

In the GRE tests I scored full marks on the quantitative and analytic parts and 710 out of 800 on the verbal part. On the CS subject test I got 910 out of 990 which places me in the top percentile of examinees.

[CalTech] Next I joined the graduate program of the Computer Science Department at the California Institute of Technology as I preferred it to Stanford or MIT. There I took courses on information theory, VLSI, silicon compilation, algebra, measure and integration, complex analysis and so on. I helped teach a sophomore class, "Computation, Computers, and Programs", on the fundamentals ideas of computer science and on programming as practiced by Dijkstra et al. (the current Caltech CS20 course bears virtually no semblance to the original). I had a research assistantship with my advisor, Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut, until his tragic death in 1994. I continued working under the supervision of Alain Martin and obtained an MSc in 1995. I also worked part time writing computer graphics software.
In 1996, I completed a Diplôme d'Études Approfondies called "Sémantique, Preuves et Programmation" (Semantics, Proofs and Programs) at Paris 7 with "mention très bien". [Paris 7]
[INRIA] Now I'm doing a Ph.D. in the Cristal group at I.N.R.I.A. But most importantly, I'm doing what I enjoy: working in number theory, algebra and numerical mathematics as seen from an algorithmic point of view.

[INRIA] INRIA, Domaine de Voluceau - Rocquencourt, 78153 Le Chesnay, France.

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