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The Cristal project ended in 2005. A successor project is Gallium.

The Cristal team investigated the design, implementation and theoretical foundations of strongly-typed programming languages. We particularly focused on functional, object-oriented, and modular programming languages. The Caml language embodies many of our research results. Our work spans the whole spectrum from theoretical foundations and formal semantics to language design, efficient and robust implementations, and applications to real-world problems.

A more complete presentation of Cristal is available as part of our yearly activity report.

Last members of project Cristal:

Sandrine Blazy (assistant professor, CNAM)
Damien Doligez (research scientist)
Alain Frisch (research associate, corps des Télécoms)
Xavier Leroy (senior research scientist, team leader)
Michel Mauny (senior research scientist)
François Pottier (research scientist)
Didier Rémy (senior research scientist, vice-leader)
Pierre Weis (senior research scientist)

Gérard Huet (associate senior research scientist, also with the Signes project)

Berke Durak (technical staff)
Maxence Guesdon (technical staff)
Virgile Prevosto (technical staff)

Richard Bonichon (PhD student)
Zaynah Dargaye (PhD student)
Nadji Gauthier (PhD student)
Yann Regis-Gianas (PhD student)
Boris Yakobowski (PhD student)

Nelly Maloisel (administrative assistant)

Past members:

Daniel Bonniot
Pascal Cuoq (research engineer, CEA)
Roberto Di Cosmo (professor, university Paris 7)
Jun Furuse (research scientist, Yonezawa lab, university of Tokyo)
Robert Harley (founder, Argotech)
Tom Hirschowitz (CNRS research scientist, LIP lab, ENS Lyon)
Bruno Pagano (engineer, Esterel Technologies)
Didier Le Botlan (post-doc, Saarland University)
François Pessaux (engineer, Surlog S.A.)
Daniel de Rauglaudre (INRIA, project Contraintes)
Christian Rinderknecht (engineer, PolySpace Technologies)
François Rouaix (
Emilie Sayag (engineer, Alcatel)
Bruno Verlyck (research engineer, INRIA, MIRIAD)
Vincent Simonet (engineer, Areva)
Basile Starynkevitch (research engineer, CEA)
Jérôme Vouillon (CNRS research scientist, PPS lab)


The Caml language
The Objective Caml compiler.
The Caml Light compiler.
The Objective Caml and Caml Light programming examples.

Other software developments:

Active DVI, a programmable DVI viewer with fancy graphics effects, great for making LaTeX presentations.
WhizzyTeX, a WYSIWYG Emacs mode for editing LaTeX documents.
The Cristal anonymous FTP.
Other resources from virtual building 8.