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From: Daniel de Rauglaudre (
Date: Sat Dec 18 1999 - 19:01:26 MET

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    Hello all,

    Since some time, in your comments in the ECDL data base, the HTML tags
    had been filtered. It was mainly because we wanted to avoid dangerous
    tags which could result in security problems.

    Now, you can use HTML tags again, with some conditions:

      The only allowed HTML tags are: <a> <b> <blink> <blockquote> <br>
      <center> <dd> <div> <dl> <dt" "em> <font> <i> <img> <li> <ol> <p>
      <pre> <strong> <tt> <ul>.

      You can use <a> only if containing "href=http://"

      You can use <img> only if containing "width=" (< 200) and "height=" (< 100).

    Daniel de RAUGLAUDRE

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