ECDL2K108: http mode and Windows binaries

From: Xavier Leroy (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 16:43:47 MET

Dear ECDLers,

I have implemented an `http' mode for the ECDL2K108 program. In this
mode, results are sent back to the base using the HTTP POST protocol,
instead of e-mail.

Besides putting a lower load on our server, this
`http' mode allows non-Unix machines that lack `sendmail' but provide
sockets to send their results unattended. This is the case for
Windows, among others.

I have therefore built Windows binaries using the Cygwin32 compilers.
Those two binaries (one is MMX-enabled, the other not) run in a DOS
box with the same command-line interface as the Unix version.

The sources with the http mode and the Windows binaries are available
at the following URLs:

The http mode hasn't yet been added to the 64-bit sources nor to the
precompiled RPMS for Linux, but will be soon.

For machines that sit behind a firewall, the http mode can use a Web
proxy such as Squid to send its results, instead of connecting
directly to However, it doesn't handle
other forms of firewalling, such as SOCKS. If you're behind a SOCKS
firewall, the `mail' and `alt' modes are still the only way to go.


- Xavier Leroy

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