Speed of various machines on the ECDL7 challenge

The following table lists the speed (in iterations per second) of the ECDL7 client on a number of machines.

If you're running the ECDL7 client on a machine significantly different from those listed in the table, please e-mail its data to Xavier.Leroy@inria.fr with subject "ECDL speed".

Iterations/secProcessorClient version and OS
454k Alpha 21264 750Mhz 64 bits, Linux
416k Alpha 21264 667Mhz 64 bits, Tru64 Unix: 416k
64 bits, Linux: 407k
64 bits, FreeBSD: 392k
355k PowerPC G4 450Mhz Altivec, MacOS
349k Athlon 1Ghz MMX, WinGUI, Win98
316k Alpha 21264 500Mhz 64 bits, Tru64 Unix: 316k
64 bits, Linux: 283k
297k Athlon 850Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98: 297k
MMX, NT service, Win98: 260k
287k Pentium III 550 @ 806Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98
286k Alpha 21264 466Mhz 64 bits, Tru64 Unix
286k PowerPC G4 400Mhz Altivec, MacOS
279k Alpha 21164 600Mhz 64 bits, Tru64 Unix
275k Alpha 21164 666Mhz 64 bits, Linux: 275k
64 bits, Tru64 Unix: 252k
261k Alpha 21164 633Mhz 64 bits, Linux
254k Athlon 720Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win??
237k Pentium III 733Mhz MMX, NT service, Win2K
232k Alpha 21164 500Mhz 64 bits, Digital Unix: 232k
64 bits, Linux: 228k
230k Athlon 700Mhz MMX, Cygwin, WinNT
226k Pentium III 667Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98
218k Athlon 500 @ 720Mhz MMX, Cygwin, Win2K
209k Pentium III 600 @ 622Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98: 209k
MMX, Cygwin, Win98: 182k
208k Pentium III 700Mhz MMX, Linux
206k Athlon 600Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98: 206k
MMX, Cygwin, Win2K: 181k
202k Celeron 336 @ 577Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98
202k HP PA8500 440MHz 64 bits, HPUX: 202k
32 bits, HPUX: 112k
200k Alpha 21164 433Mhz 64 bits, Digital Unix
196k UltraSPARC IIi 450Mhz 64 bits, Solaris 8
194k Pentium III 600Mhz MMX, NT service, WinNT
192k Pentium III 550Mhz MMX, WinGUI, WinNT: 192k
MMX, Linux: 178k
MMX, ???, WinNT: 156k
190k UltraSPARC IIi 440Mhz 64 bits, Solaris 7
185k Alpha 21164 400Mhz 64 bits, Digital Unix
171k Pentium III 500Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98: 171k
MMX, Linux: 161k
165k Celeron 433 @ 520Mhz MMX, NT service, Win2K
164k Alpha 21164PC 533Mhz 64 bits, Linux
162k Celeron 500Mhz MMX, Linux
160k HP PA8500 400MHz 64 bits, HPUX: 160k
32 bits, HPUX: 101k
157k Pentium II 450Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win2K: 157k
MMX, Linux: 144k
155k Pentium III Xeon 550Mhz MMX, Linux
152k Celeron 466 @ 525Mhz MMX, Cygwin, Win98
151k Celeron 433Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98: 151k
MMX, Cygwin, Win2K: 129k
151k SPARC64-III 272Mhz 64 bits, Solaris 7
150k Athlon 500Mhz MMX, Cygwin, Win2K
148k MIPS R12000 300Mhz (SGI Octane) 64 bits, IRIX
145k Pentium III 450Mhz MMX, Linux
141k UltraSPARC IIi 333Mhz 64 bits, Solaris 7: 141k
64 bits, Solaris 2.6: 101k
32 bits, Solaris 2.6: 64k
136k Alpha 21064 400Mhz 64 bits, Digital Unix
133k Celeron 400 @ 450Mhz MMX, Cygwin, Win98
132k Pentium II 400Mhz MMX, WinGUI, WinNT: 132k
MMX, WinGUI, Win98: 130k
126k Celeron 300 @ 375Mhz MMX, Cygwin, WinNT
125k AMD K6-3 450Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98: 125k
MMX, Linux: 116k
MMX, Cygwin?, Win98: 102k
123k Alpha 21164 266Mhz 64 bits, Digital Unix
120k AMD K6-2 450Mhz MMX, ???, Win98
120k UltraSPARC II 400Mhz 64 bits, ?
118k Pentium II 350Mhz MMX, WinGUI, WinNT: 118k
MMX, Linux: 104k
MMX, ???, Win98: 100k
112k UltraSPARC II 360Mhz 64 bits, Solaris 2.6
111k UltraSPARC IIi 267Mhz 64 bits, Solaris 7
110k AMD K6-3 400Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98: 110k
MMX, Linux: 103k
108k Pentium II 333Mhz MMX, Linux
107k Celeron 336Mhz MMX, Linux
104k Pentium II 300Mhz MMX, WinGUI, WinNT: 104k
MMX, Cygwin, Win2K: 90k
MMX, Cygwin, WinNT: 87k
101k MIPS R10000 250Mhz (SGI Origin2000) 64 bits, IRIX
100k PowerPC G3 450Mhz 32 bits, MacOS X server: 100k
32 bits, LinuxPPC: 85k
95k AMD K6-2 375Mhz MMX, NT service, WinNT
94k HP PA8200 240MHz 64 bits, HPUX: 94k
32 bits, HPUX: 58k
89k UltraSPARC I 200Mhz 64 bits, Solaris 7
86k Pentium II 266Mhz MMX, WinGUI, WinNT: 86k
MMX, Linux: 80k
MMX, Cygwin, WinNT: 80k
85k MIPS R10000 180Mhz (SGI PCA) 64 bits, IRIX
84k AMD K6-2 350Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98: 84k
MMX, Cygwin, Win98: 77k
83k PowerPC 604e 332Mhz 32 bits, AIX
80k HP PA8200 200MHz 64 bits, HPUX: 80k
32 bits, HPUX: 49k
78k PowerPC G3 400Mhz 32 bits, MacOS
77k UltraSPARC II 250Mhz 64 bits, Solaris 2.5
75k Alpha 21064 300Mhz 64 bits, Digital Unix
75k Pentium II 233Mhz MMX, Linux
71k HP PA8000 180Mhz 64 bits, HPUX: 71k
32 bits, HPUX: 48k
71k HP PA8200 180Mhz 64 bits, HPUX
70k AMD K6-2 300Mhz MMX, Linux
69k PowerPC G3 350Mhz 32 bits, MacOS
63k HP PA8000 160Mhz 64 bits, HPUX
62k Alpha 21064 275Mhz 64 bits, Tru64 Unix
60k PowerPC G3 300Mhz 32 bits, Linux: 60k
32 bits, MacOS: 58k
58k Alpha 21064 232Mhz 64 bits, Digital Unix
56k Pentium MMX 233Mhz MMX, WinGUI, WinNT
55k Pentium MMX 200 @ 263.5Mhz MMX, Cygwin, Win95
54k UltraSPARC II 167Mhz 64 bits, Solaris 2.5
53k UltraSPARC I model 170 64 bits, Solaris 7
52k PowerPC G3 266Mhz 32 bits, MacOS
49k HP PA8000 200Mhz 32 bits, HPUX
48k MIPS R4400 250Mhz (SGI Indigo) 64 bits, IRIX
44k AMD K6 233Mhz MMX, WinGUI, Win98: 44k
MMX, Linux: 43k
44k HP PA8200 180MHz 32 bits, HPUX
44k Pentium MMX 200 Mhz MMX, Linux
41k HP 9000/800 360Mhz 32 bits, HPUX
40k MIPS R5000 180Mhz (SGI O2) 64 bits, IRIX
40k StrongARM 275Mhz 32 bits, Linux
39k Alpha 21064 166Mhz 64 bits, Linux
39k Cyrix PR 233 @ 266Mhz 32 bits, FreeBSD
39k HP PA8000 160MHz 32 bits, HPUX
38k Pentium MMX 166Mhz MMX, Linux
37k PowerPC G3 233Mhz 32 bits, MacOS
36k Alpha 21064 175Mhz 64 bits, Digital Unix
35k Pentium Pro 180Mhz 32 bits, WinGUI, WinNT
35k PowerPC 603e 240Mhz 32 bits, LinuxPPC
35k PowerPC 604e 200Mhz 32 bits, LinuxPPC
34k AMD K6 200Mhz MMX, Linux
34k Pentium Pro 200Mhz 32 bits, Linux
31k Alpha 21064 150Mhz 64 bits, Digital Unix
29k Alpha 21064 133Mhz 64 bits, Tru64 Unix
29k Pentium Pro 150Mhz 32 bits, WinGUI, WinNT: 29k
32 bits, Linux: 26k
32 bits, Cygwin, WinNT: 25k
27k UltraSPARC I 168Mhz 32 bits, Solaris 2.5
25k Pentium 150Mhz 32 bits, ???, WinNT
22k Alpha 21066 166Mhz (Multia) 64 bits, Linux
22k SparcStation 10 Ross RT626 150Mhz 32 bits, SunOS 4
21k PowerPC 603e 133Mhz 32 bits, BeOS 4.5.2
18k Cyrix PR 200Mhz 32 bits, Linux
16.8k HP PA7000 100MHz 32 bits, HPUX
16k Cyrix PR 166Mhz 32 bits, Linux
15k SparcStation 20 model 70 32 bits, Solaris 2.7
14.1k HP PA7150 80MHz 32 bits, HPUX
13.4k Pentium 90Mhz 32 bits, ???, Win98
13.2k Pentium 133Mhz 32 bits, Linux
13k SparcStation 20 model 71 32 bits, SunOS 4
12.8k PowerPC 601 100Mhz 32 bits, Linux: 12.8k
32 bits, MacOS: 9k
12.7k HP PA7000 99MHz 32 bits, HPUX
12.5k SparcStation 10 model 51 32 bits, Solaris 2.6: 12.5k
32 bits, SunOS 4: 9.5k
12k SparcStation 20 model 60 32 bits, Solaris 2.7
11k SparcStation 5 model 110 32 bits, Solaris 2.7
9.9k SparcStation 20 model 51 32 bits, Solaris 2.7
9.6k HP PA7000 75MHz 32 bits, HPUX
9.4k SparcStation 10 SX 32 bits, Solaris 2.7
8.6k HP 712 60Mhz 32 bits, HPUX
8.5k SparcStation 5 model 85 32 bits, SunOS 4
8.5k SparcSystem 600 SuperSPARC 40Mhz 32 bits, SunOS 4
7.9k SparcStation 10 model 40 32 bits, SunOS 4
7.8k Pentium 75Mhz 32 bits, Linux
7.7k SparcStation 5 model 70 32 bits, Solaris 2.7
7.5k SparcStation 10 32 bits, SunOS 4
5.2k 486 DX/4 100Mhz 32 bits, Linux
3.8k 486 DX/2 66Mhz 32 bits, Linux
3.1k SparcStation 2 32 bits, SunOS 4
2.1k ARM 610 30Mhz 32 bits, RISCOS
1.9k SparcStation IPC 32 bits, SunOS 4
1.1k 486 SX 25Mhz 32 bits, OpenBSD