Jacques-Henri Jourdan, Fran├žois Pottier, and Xavier Leroy. Validating LR(1) parsers. In Programming Languages and Systems - 21st European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2012, volume 7211 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 397-416. Springer, 2012.

An LR(1) parser is a finite-state automaton, equipped with a stack, which uses a combination of its current state and one lookahead symbol in order to determine which action to perform next. We present a validator which, when applied to a context-free grammar G and an automaton A, checks that A and G agree. This validation of the parser provides the correctness guarantees required by verified compilers and other high-assurance software that involves parsing. The validation process is independent of which technique was used to construct A. The validator is implemented and proved correct using the Coq proof assistant. As an application, we build a formally-verified parser for the C99 language.

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