G'CAML -- O'Caml with Extensional Polymorphism Extension

Current implementation

The current implementation is based on some bit older version of Objective Caml (version 2.02). It is just a prototype and many things are still under development. Minor bug-fix versions are released without announcement, since there would be so many. Keep looking this page, if you want to follow these changes. Version number 0.MMDD corresponds with the release date. For example 0.0629 means the release of the 29th of June.


All these limitations have been solved already in theory.

Extension of generic values

Not available in this version. Of course, I am working hard on it.

Work around: be patient, please.

Constraint type system

Generic constraints cannot be written in .mli files

This means that we cannot write .mli files contain generic values. There is no parser for generic constraints yet.

Work around: do not write .mli files. Play only the toplevel.



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