GeneWeb distribution

Direct access to the release directory via FTP and HTTP.

The current version

Current version is 5.02, released 2011-01-06.

Only sources are distributed. If you don't know how to make GeneWeb, consider rather downloading an older version: use the direct access above by FTP or HTTP and take the version 5.00 or before.


CVS archive

If you are a programmer, you can use the CVS archive, allowing you to get the current (unstable) version and have your personal version with CVS automatic updating (cvs update) when changes are done.

Quick directions for use, under your shell:

     $ cvs -d login
     (Logging in to
     CVS password: (hit the enter key)
     $ cvs -d co -P geneweb
     It creates a directory named "geneweb".
     Later, in that directory, to get the current version do:
     $ cvs up -dP

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