Caml program examples

This directory contains some examples of Objective Caml programs.

The examples can either be compiled and executed as standalone programs (just type make in the subdirectory), if speed is important you can use the optimizing compiler by typing make opt, or else run interactively the examples under ocaml, by executing

                #use "";;
in the appropriate directory. (The graphics programs must be run under a specialized interactive system, ocamlgraph that you can create using ocamlmktop -custom -o ocamlgraph graphics.cma.)

Examples marked (*) are taken from the book ``Le langage Caml'', by Pierre Weis and Xavier Leroy (InterEditions, 1993 && 1999). Messages and identifiers may be in French and may contain accented letters (ISO 8859-1 encoding). You'll need an 8-bit clean system to read them.
Examples marked (G) assume installed the portable graphics library (as found in the otherlib/graph directory of the Objective Caml distribution).

One file programs

Graphical User Interface

Modular programs

Those programs are in the corresponding directories. They are complete independant applications that have a Makefile to handle their recompilation. Those examples can be quite involved.

The config directory does not contain examples, but configuration files used to generate the Makefiles.