SML/NG Validators

Following users demand, the validators are reactivated. The validator sources are available. The validator is written in Objective Caml. A Linux (i386) binary is also available.

The validator is to be installed in the place where you normaly put cgi-bin's (look at the Makefile). The validator has several fonctionalities, which are selected as follows.

The SML/NG validators are written using Jean-Christophe Filliatre ocamlcgi.

Thanks for your participation to this contest! In case you are curious, here are partial access statistics to the validator, sorted by number of accesses. Only accesses to the equivalence validator are recorded, some accesses were disregarded. As a matter of fact, we strongly suspect that we faced an attempt to overflow our server.

This page offers access to two experimental validators.

Validators may take their input directly, by accessing an url, or by uploading a file on your computer. The first method is recommended, since results are more detailled and that interaction is easier. The other two methods give control over the exact contents of your documents.

The size of your input is limited in all cases.

SML/NG Syntax Validator

Enter your document directly (recommended)

Give the url of some document

Your url must be given in normalized http://host/path format.


Upload a file from your computer


SML/NG Equivalence Validator

Enter your documents directly (recommended)

WARNING HTML forms remove leading and trailing spaces from form fields. If your documents start or end with spaces, you must enclose the documents in double quotes ".
Document one

Document two

Enter two url's

Url's must be given in normalized http://host/path format.

Url one:
Url two:

Upload two files from your computer

File one:
File two: